Happy Buddha MR-26-B
  • Model No: MR-26-B
  • Product Name:Happy Buddha MR-26-B
  • Original Country:Taiwan
  • Size: H62x W45x D45(cm)
  • Weight:60Kg


1. Easy to play and easy to win is the everlasting charm of Mario arcade game machines.

2. Players can always have a lots of fun playing the games.

3. This is definitely a profitable machine for the operators.

4. Panel pattern can be customized.

5. Made in Taiwan, From small parts to the ABS cases, 100% high quality made in Taiwan.

6. Game program professionally designed by experienced team.

7.. Mini Mario is a most traditional mario machine, there has 8 images can be bet.

8. Players can choose images to bet. When the game starts , the running light will

    stop at one of betting images' position randomly. If the running light stops in

    the betting images,it will add up the betting score depends on the images' multipler.

   This game will give FREE LIGHT chance (ONCE MORE is also)randomly to add the

   Prizewinning probability.The Mario machine is a very popular game for everywhere

   in the world in the amusement profession.