Mario Arcade Machine HP5-01
  • Model No: HP5-01
  • Product Name:Mario Arcade Machine HP5-01
  • Original Country:Taiwan
  • Size:H200 x W267 × 150 (cm)
  • Weight:210Kg


1.Very easy and interesting for the player to enhance the desire to play    
Continuously.Players can always have a lot of fun during playing the games.
2.New developing model so few similar competitive game machine at local market.
3.Bonus items are multiple increase the amusement.
4.Company support the programe re-editing and update for the local owner need.
5.New developing game machine easy to attract the players to try to play.
6.Machine system had invented for 2~3 years, the stability is guaranteed.  
7.It is esay to take initate to grap the market to gain more profit.
8  Many functions of thief proof, control time ,decode by tel. and easy to check
9.This is definitely a profitable machine for the operators.
10.All made in Taiwan, from small parts to the cases, 100% high quality.
11. Game program professionally designed by experienced engineers.
12. The appearance is suitable, firmly and high-classy.
13. Suitable for any place.
14. By the comparitive coin selector to accept the values you
want to insert.
, the machine can be applied in any country .
15. The sound effect makes the atmosphere more exciting.