NV10 Bill acceptor
  • Model No: ITL NV10 USB
  • Product Name:NV10 Bill acceptor
  • Original Country:
  • Size:W11.9 x D16.1 x H86 cm
  • Weight:2.3 Kg

NV10 Bill acceptor/ Bill validator

(Español: Billetero / selector de billete)

With IF17 programmer, NV10 can be set to appply to accept bills from
more than 80 countries!!!
 Bill insertion  4-way Acceptance
 Acceptance Rate  99.8% or more
 Interface  Pulse, Rs232, MDB, BINAR,SIO, Parallel,
 CC Talk, USB
 Power Sources  DC 12V
 Environment Range  Operating Temperature: 3° C ~ 50° C
 Humidity: 5%~95% RH
 (no condensation)
 Bill box capacity  Without stacker
 Weight  Approx. 2.3 kg (shipping)

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